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It was not to be a quick get away. Waiting for a Pakistani passport, my own slovenly ways, seduced by the easy pleasure of being home with my parents. Plus a feeling of anxiety not unlike a mild version of what I'd felt the first night of my UK tour; my trip was about to start - dreams becoming reality - would it fall short? Would I?

But above all my knees hurt. I hadn't given the pain much though during my last three days cycling assuming it to be normal muscle fatigue but as the days turned to weeks turned to months the pain persisted. It became clear that this was instead a tendon issue. Google perscribed RICE; Rest, ice, compression, elevation. So that's what I did while the spring melted away. I spent my time distracting myself with games, worrying, looking at maps and of course preparing my kit:

The Bike

Here she is in all her fully loaded glory on the morning of my departure

Thorn Raven

Thorn Raven Frame - Black - 565L for 46 mm Forks
Thorn ST1 1 1/8 Inch Ahead Fork - Black - 46 mm
1 Handlebar kit - BLACK Thorn Flat Track Bars - 25.4mm Clamp
Thorn Flat Track Bars - 25.4mm Clamp - black
Zefal Ping Bell - Black
Ergon GP1-L Anatomic Grips - Large - Black
Schmidt SON 28 Dynamo Front Hub - Black - 32 Hole
Hub BLACK Rohloff upgrade
Titanium Rear Quick Release Alloy Skewer for 135 mm OLN Hubs - Black
Reinforce Nylon Rim Tape - 26" (559) x 22 mm - Red
Schwalbe Marathon Dureme 26 x 2.0 Reflex & Presta inner tubes.
Shimano Deore M590 Black Complete V Brake Set x2 Rears.
Shimano Deore BL-M591 V Brake Levers
170mm SILVER Alloy chainset (73mm shell)  
Shimano UN55 73 mm Shell English Thread Sealed Cartridge Taper Bottom Bracket - 110 mm

The Equiptment


1. MSR Universal Stove
2. Primus Gas Canister
3. MSR 2 pot set
4. Spork
5. Ortleib Folding Bowl
6. 10 liter water carrier
7. Flask
8. Food


1. Baby wipes
2. Vaseline
3. Sudacream
4. Flannel
5. Condom x2
6. Toothbrush & Toothpaste
7. bug spray
8. Factor 30 sunscreen
9. Hairbrush
10 Toilet Paper

First Aid

1. Knee support bandages x2
2. Mepone bandages x3
3.Plasters x5
9.antispetic wipes x4


1. sleeping bag
2. silk sleeping bag liner
3. pillow case
4. inflatable sleeping mat
5. ear plugs

Bar bag

1. tobacco, filters, lighter,
2. Wallet
3. Sunglasses
4. notepad + pencil
5. lock key
6. compass


1. Passport
2. Driving liscence
3. Bank statement/proof of funds
4. Insurance doc
5. Multi-translated Trip Handout
6. Sim Card user booklet
7. Vacination document


Northern France annd southwest Germany-(The rest to be mailed to me)


1. Iphone + handlebar mount
2. kindle
3. ipod
4. charger
5. plug converter
6. cheap watch with alarm function
7. petzel head torch


1. Ortleib front and back panniers
2. Vaub Bar bag
3. Large Tarpaulin


1. Akto Hilleberg tent
2. Akto Hilleberg footprint
3. Pegs +2 spare


1. cable ties x35
2. bungies x4
3. rope
4. son dynamo connector spares
5. spare breakpads x4
6. spare chain
7. sproket removal tool
8. tire boots
9. spare tyre (foldable)
10. oil
11. grease
12. nail polish
13. rag.sponge/toothbrush
14. saddle proofide
15. spare cleats
16. allen key
17. back up mini pump
18. pump

19. Inner tube repair kit
20. spare inner tube
21. Bike Multi Tool
22. Leatherman
23. Misc bolts, washers, screws etc.

Left behind
1. Rohloff Hub Cables
2. Rohloff hub shifter cables x2
3. rohloff oil change kit
4. larger oil and grease
5. rohloff sproket
6. More misc bolts/screws
7. maps for further a-field

The Clothes

A. Warm
1. 1x merino wool icbreaker base layer
2. 1x cheap knock off of the above
3. wooly hat
4. Buff
5. Thick socks x2
6. Boxed warm kit: to be sent - longbottoms, thermal jumper, big socks
B. On bike
1. Bib shorts x2
2. Short sleeve jersey x1
3. long sleeve jersey x1
4. ankle socks x3
5. soft shell
6. bandana x1
7. helmet
8. fingerless gloves
C.Off bike
1. polo shirt x1
2. hiking trousers x1
3. shorts x1
4. briefs x2
1. Trousers
2. Jacket
3. shoe covers
E. Footware
1. cycling shoes
2. Trainers

Having written it all down it seems a wonder it all fit in the panniers! But it did. Still, not as light weight a cycle tourists as I'd envisioned


After having bought the bike my cash ran out pretty fast/ I'm glad I invested in quality but it did mean making some compromises.

1. digital camera
2. prescription cycling glasses/oakleys/laser surgery
3. cycling mirror
4. Sowing kit
5. Light weight binoculars (principally for bird watching)

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  1. I hate packing but this looks quite fun!