King's Landing

What sentiment can be expressed about Dubrovnik that hasn't already been formulated far better by more articulate souls over its 1000+ year history.

As you cross back across the Bosnian-Croatian border at the tall hills of Brgat the Adriatic splashes back into view. I raced to meet it, flying down the switchbacks to the coast.

After meeing the busy coastal highway a short run north presented me with a first glimpse of this city...

Happily situated on a jutting peninsular backed by towering heights she emerged from the glare.


As you draw a little closer/zoom in the walls of Ragusa old town become distinguishable as does one of the seemingly never ending supply of summer cruise ships.

Reaching the city a little after 18:00 I immediately scaled the walls and spent an hour walking the battlements recreating moments from Game of Thrones along with half the world's tourists

Quite simply stunning.

And civilized too - free wifi and this wonderful orchestra playing Brahms provided a perfect accompany to my meal of mussels and chips. 

The evenings repase taken care of I climbed the steep hill out of Dubrovnik (taking a back route seemingly intended for the great and good alone so that they might avoid the hurly burly of the main coastal road in their Jaguars and Porches)

I had planned to push on south but the opportunity to sleep looking over Dubrovnik was too much to resist and instead I sneaked behind a bush at the back of a laybye and found a spot and view which in normal circumstances would surely have been out of my budget.

A whistle stop tour to be sure but while the Adriatic coastline is dotted with famously glorious city's Dubrovnik is special.


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