Bicycle Sounds

I was recently contacted by Fil Corbitt. A talented podcaster from Reno.

Showing uncharacteristic poor judgment he wanted to do an interview with me.

Here it is:
Naturally I apologise to Fil and you for my relentless erring and umming, an odd pronunciation of Pasargadae, and even odder plummy accent. I put the later down to a spontaneous post-colonial reaction to talking with an American.

My love for podcasts has grown at a frightening rate during this tour. Cycling alone a human voice, especially in your own language, is often a tonic.

Listening to Mike Duncan's epic history of Rome while crossing the Po.

Laughing out loud to Ricky, Stephen and Karl on The Gervais Show in the Balkan hills

Entering a serene quasi meditative state on the edge of the Rub' Al Khali with the help of Kirsty Young's dulcet Desert Island Disks.

Giving the middle finger to the time difference in Tasmania while listening to the Football Ramble and The Anfield Wrap during Liverpool's '13/'14 title charge.

Being cooped up in an Amenian YMC feeling very ill without rancour thanks in part to Melvin Braggs soothing voice opening up intellectual vistas with In our Time.

Resigning myself to an eventual return to the UK with the help of David Crowther's history of England.

And of course struggling to untangle the truth with current blockbuster Serial.

RadioLab, Football Weekly, To the Best of our Knowledge, I could go on and on...
and it seems I have.

I'm very pleased to now add the marvelous Van Sounds to the list. A travel podcast which focuses on road stories and street noise with great music.

Go listen at or at /van-sounds

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  1. Wow! Loved listening to this. Inspirational. Thanks! Juliet x